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Engine Repair in North Logan, UT

Engine Repair Services That You Can Trust in North Logan, UT

Trust, reliability, and expertise are the pillars of our engine repair services at BA Auto. Each team member is an ASE-certified mechanic with the knowledge and skills to handle any engine, regardless of make or model. Our extensive experience and cutting-edge tools and technology guarantee a top-notch repair engine service in North Logan, UT. With us, you can expect complete transparency every step of the way, with regular updates and no hidden costs. Your satisfaction and safety are our highest priorities.

Our engine diagnosis process goes beyond identifying symptoms. We seek to uncover the root cause of your engine’s problem. With our advanced diagnostic tools and trained technicians, we dig deep into your engine’s operation, examining every potential problem area to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our detailed inspection identifies apparent and underlying issues, offering a complete overview of your engine’s health. This way, we can deliver targeted, effective repairs that not only resolve current problems but also help prevent future issues, extending the life of your engine.

auto mechanic repairing an engine in logan utah

Get Back on the Road with BA Auto

BA Auto is the perfect solution for all your engine repair and maintenance needs in North Logan, UT. We handle everything from basic tune-ups and oil changes to complex engine rebuilds and replacements. To ensure your vehicle’s longevity and optimal performance, our repairs feature only high-quality, durable parts. However, our service continues beyond just repairs. We also offer comprehensive maintenance to keep your engine in top condition and extend its lifespan. This includes regular check-ups, fluid replacements, and specialized system inspections tailored to your vehicle’s needs and driving habits.

At BA Auto, we recognize how integral your vehicle is to your daily life. We value your time and are committed to providing fast and efficient service without compromising quality. So, don’t let engine troubles slow you down. Get back on the road faster and safer with BA Auto. Ready to experience superior engine repair in North Logan, UT? Don’t wait for minor issues to morph into major headaches. Call us today at (435) 753-7749 or click here to schedule your appointment online now!

There were some conflicting signals coming from our car. We had Brent Allen check it out. There was no problem, and they didn’t charge us. Making us realize how honest and helpful they are. They could’ve done so many things that would’ve cost us many dollars, but they didn’t. I will be going here for as long as I can.


I have been having my automobile work and truck work done by Brent Allen for years. They do the job right and fast. I will keep taking my cars to them knowing the do things right.



They explained all the details every step of the way and were very nice. Also, super fairly priced. Will definitely bring my car back here again!


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