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Oil Changes Near Smithfield, UT

As any car owner knows, oil changes are essential to maintaining a healthy vehicle. Fresh oil helps lubricate engine parts, prevent corrosion, and remove impurities and sludge buildup. However, over time, oil breaks down and becomes less effective. As a result, it is essential to change your oil at regular intervals. Depending on your driving habits and the type of oil you use, most experts recommend changing your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Changing your oil regularly can help extend your engine’s life and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

In addition to our brake, engine, and alignment repair services, BA Auto offers the residents of Smithfield a high-quality oil change service. Our service pays close attention to detail to extend the life and quality of your ride for many years to come. We include some of the finest motor oils in our process to bring you an unbeatable service in Cache Valley. You might be able to pay a few dollars elsewhere at another auto repair shop, but no one else will work with our level of commitment and care on your vehicle. Make the best investment for your vehicle’s care and schedule an oil change appointment with BA Auto today.

Located near Smithfield in North Logan, BA Auto has worked on various vehicles and will indeed have a solution for yours. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding our services.

Automotive Repair in North Logan, Utah

Auto Repair That’s Transparent

Do you hate getting the runaround, need clarification on complex jargon, and are pressured into buying things your vehicle doesn’t need? We eliminate all of these common experiences you get at bigger auto repair shops to provide you with a service that’s easy to understand and transparent. We will never perform additional work behind your back or suggest service deviations that aren’t necessary. We will ask for your permission before proceeding with further work if required. You remain in control of your vehicle and can know the final cost before the service is completed.

Auto Inspection in North Logan, Utah

Unbeatable Quality And Care For Your Vehicle

Rather than settle for bottom-tier oils to service your Smithfield vehicle, we use premium Valvoline oil products due to their industry-leading quality standards. You may pay a few dollars elsewhere, but getting the best products for your vehicle from BA Auto will contribute largely to its quality and functionality for years to come.

Read what others in Smithfield have to say about our oil change service and what makes us one of the leading services in the valley. We look forward to serving you and helping you with a safer vehicle.

What Others In Smithfield Say About Us
“Highly recommend. They made every effort to make my experience smooth. Let me use a rental till my car was done. I forgot my garage door opener in the loaner when returned, and they made sure I got it back when I let them know. 10/10 would work with them again.”

– Mead H.

“Wow! An actual honest auto shop! They easily could have charged me for a new water pump but found I had a bad radiator cap. They also performed a 40 point inspection and found issues I was already aware along with some new ones. There was no pressure to perform a repair they were just making sure I was aware. Great place! THANK YOU B.A. Auto.”

– Jason M.

“Very helpful excellent service.”

– Paul G.

“Took my truck to get emissions tested and registration renewal without an appointment, and they took care of it immediately from start to finish in about 20 minutes. Very friendly employees.”

– Jason Y.

“These guys were very helpful with an oil change. Plus they gave me a super-intensive inspection with it. I trust these guys WAY more than jiffy lube, etc.”

– Garrett W.

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