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Auto Repair Services in Logan, UT

Brent Allen Automotive is proud to set standards as Logan, Utah’s leading auto repair shop.

For the best auto repair service in Logan, UT, trust the professionals at Brent Allen Automotive! We provide auto repair and installment services that are designed to match every vehicle’s needs. Whether it’s for an A/C repair or an oil change, we provide numerous vehicle maintenance and repair services to ensure you travel safely and comfortably. Not only are we renowned for exceptional customer service and quality of work, but our knowledge of cars and their functions and parts exceeds that of any other auto repair shop in Logan, UT. No matter the job, we treat your vehicle with the best care it can receive like it is our own.

Complete customer satisfaction is our highest priority; read about other’s experiences here. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about our vehicle maintenance and repair services.

A/C Repair

Drive cool and comfortably with our advanced A/C & heater repair. Our expert technicians repair all faulty A/C systems.


Constant straying and correction? If your car is having wheel alignment issues, let one of our trained technicians get to work on it.

Brake Repair

Slow down and stop with ease. We offer the best brake repair in Logan, Utah. We’ll help you keep the essential parts of your vehicle working properly.

Engine Repair

Domestic or foreign, we’ve seen and fixed them all. The engine is the heart of the vehicle, our hardworking employees take care of it quickly and efficiently.


Better emissions and vehicle functionality. When the exhaust on your car gives you cause to worry, let our professionals do what we do best.

Oil Changes

Effective and very affordable. Our competitively-priced oil and lube service in Logan, UT will help extend the life of your engine and vehicle.

State Inspections

Don’t forget to renew! When the time comes to renew your vehicle registration, bring your car to us for a speedy state inspection.


Possible issues with your suspension system? Bring it in to get it looked at today. We provide exceptional suspension repair for a better ride.


Need new tires, or just looking to get them rotated? We can help you with both. Choose Brent Allen Automotive for a smoother ride.

Trip Check

Upcoming road-trip? Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with a 60 point pre-trip inspection for your vehicle’s vital functions.


Boost the life of your car. Vehicle tune-up services are our specialty! Use Brent Allen Automotive as your one stop shop for vehicle repair.

Winter Check

Ensure optimal protection for your car in the winter. Make sure your vehicle is prepared and ready for the cold winter months with our winter check.

Napa Autocare Peace of Mind Warranty 36 months 36,000 miles nationwide warranty honored at convenient locations

We proudly provide a 36,000-mile, 3-year nationwide warranty on all parts and labor on approved repairs. We stand behind our work and give you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve. Bring your vehicle to BA Auto today to experience auto repair that’s second to none in Cache Valley.

Awesome communication and was really appreciative of the pictures I received of the inspection of my car. 10/10!


Honestly, I think that Brent Allen Automotive is the best service in Cache Valley. They are honest, thorough, professional, knowledgeable, excellent, friendly, and of great value.


These guys are awesome. They listen well to what I said. And that means a lot. They knew exactly what I needed. They didn’t try to upsell me cause they knew I knew the little work that needed to be done. And I appreciate that. I’ll be using them for some upgrades soon. Thank all of you very much. 10 stars.


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